Benefits Utilizing MRI for Litigation

MRI is the gold standard for diagnosing and assessing soft tissue injuries in personal injury claimants.

MRI Scans Are Booked Within 24 Hours Of Receiving The Completed Referral Form

MRI Scans Occur Within 1-2 Weeks Of Receiving The Completed Referral

MRI is universally accepted not only because of its accuracy but also because of the objectivity of its findings. It matters not whether the claimant is sent for the test at the request of the plaintiff or defendant, the resulting report will be the same.

Urgent MRI Scans can be performed within 24 hours

Comprehensive Radiological Reports Are Provided Within 24 Hours Following The MRI Scan

MRI results can be accessed through secure, encrypted, password protected hospital portal within 24 hours following MRI scan completion.

Susceptibility Weighted Imaging Scans

Susceptibility Weighted Imaging is a new MRI sequence that relies on the magnetic susceptibility of tissues or compounds in the brain, such as iron-rich hemosiderin, which is a byproduct of hemorrhage.

Because of the Blood Brain Barrier, hemosiderin deposits remain in the brain for a very long time after the initial trauma.

SWI has been shown in several studies and in clinical application to be much more sensitive in detecting micro-hemorrhages than conventional methods, such as T2*-gradient echo (including 3 Tesla imaging).

Benefits Utilizing SWI for Litigation

Provides the highest level of sensitivity and detectability of the smallest brain injuries

Non-invasive, non-contrast imaging

Provides high resolution visualization of abnormalities caused by small hemorrhages and microscopic tears

Objective findings may be utilized to address an injured Insured clients' Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) status either placing them within the MIG or outside of the MIG.

SWI Can Accurately Diagnose:

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Brain Hemorrhages
Cerebrovascular Diseases
Ischemic Brain Diseases
Arteriovenous Malformations
Neurodegenerative Diseases

When to Order SWI

Indication to order an SWI

Has your client suffered a head trauma secondary to a Motor Vehicle Collision?

Has your client suffered a head trauma secondary to a Slip and Fall Injury?

Is your client experiencing any one of the following symptoms?

Persistent headaches

Confusion or diminished cognitive abilities

Inability to concentrate

Fatigue that does not diminish with rest

Increased irritability or changes in personality

Suffered a loss of consciousness as a consequence of the trauma

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